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Sunday, 14 September 2014
  Naga Mani - Naga ratna - Cobra Pearl
Generally forms in the hood of a cobra or king cobra. Actually it forms in the poison gland when…
Orissa › Bhubaneswar
Rs 85,000
Saturday, 13 September 2014
  Gaja Mukta - Gaja Moti - Elephant Pearl
As a favorite of Maha Laxmi, it gives enormous wealth. Gaja Mukta – Gaja Moti or Gaja Mani is a…
Orissa › Bhubaneswar
Friday, 13 December 2013
  Varaha Mani - Boar Pearl
Forms near the tooth of wild boar. It blesses one with enormous property, good health and…
Orissa › Bhubaneswar
  Megha Mukta - Megha Mani - Cloud Pearl
Highly praised as a divine stone but rarely available. Sri Krishna had such a stone with him. Megha…
Orissa › Bhubaneswar
  Bamsa Mukta - Benu Mani - Bamboo Pearl
Forms within old bamboo tree. Such a stone can give you leadership over a country. Bamsa Moti -It…
Orissa › Bhubaneswar
  Kurma Mukta (tortoise pearls or celonitis
A stone in the brain of a Tortoise was said to have the efficacy of a fire-annihilator in…
Orissa › Bhubaneswar